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Best Portable Air Compressor Reviews

Best Portable Air Compressor Reviews

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Hitachi EC12 Air Compressor Review

Posted by air product on December 7 2017, 19:51pm

The Hitachi EC12 may be a twin hot dog compressor that's nice for all varieties of jobs with an instantaneous drive motor. The air delivery system is a lot of consistent and economical than several others on the market. it's oil lubricated  for long life and also the single handle helps to form this compressor quite moveable. created by Hitachi, several users just like the truth it runs a Hitachi motor and it appears to be quite dependable, even once a few years of use. this is often one amongst the sturdier double hot dog vogue air compressors on the market.

At-A-Glance Specs

Hitachi EC12 Air Compressor Review
Hitachi EC12 Air Compressor Review
  • Brand: Hitachi
  • Model: EC12
  • Category: Contractor
  • Style: Twin stack
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Tank Size: 4 gallons
  • Peak HP: 2.0
  • CFM@90 PSI: 4.0
  • Max Pressure: 125 PSI
  • Pump Type: Single-stage
  • Oil Type: Oil-lubricated
  • Noise: 75 dBA
  • Rating: (1-5 stars)


Hitachi EC12 Review


The Hitachi EC12 may be a four-gallon twin hot dog mechanical device. whereas it's positively moveable, at sixty pounds, you do not precisely wish to require it for a walk round the block. The focused handle provides it smart balance once you head to cart it from one space to a different. The footpads create it fairly stable, although it has to get on level ground to be actually secure.


With a two H.P. motor, the EC12 delivers four.0 CFM at ninety PSI and has many flow to power a handful nail guns at an equivalent time. it's a shut-off valve Associate in Nursingd an car reset do you have to have any hassle. The cylinder is formed of forged iron so as to cut back the chance of puncture. The motor speed comes in at three,450 revolutions per minute for consistent pressure.

Pump Type

The economical 115-volt direct drive motor permits for a fast recovery time. The Hitachi EC12 options Associate in Nursing oil-lubricated pump for a extended era. you'll simply create this mechanical device last 10+ years with alittle basic maintenance. it's designed to last for an extended time and also the motor is well place along.

Noise Level

The motor isn’t awfully loud because it is formed by Hitachi however it's not thought of one amongst the quietest compressors on the market. positively quieter than most oiless models, the EC12 is concerning middle of the pack once it involves oil-lubricated compressors of this size.

Who It's For

This compressor will simply be used for home or lightweight to medium duty contractor use. it's a lot of common on the contractor front attributable to its size, weight, and industrial look. those that have had expertise with Hitachi power tools are one amongst the primary to think about this model attributable to Hitachi's name for manufacturing quality merchandise.


  • simple to use handle
  • smart quantity of flow
  • fast and straightforward pressure adjustment
  • Oil-lubricated for extended era
  • Dependable Hitachi Motor
  • Thermal protection shuts down the motor for safety
  • simple to power on regular home electrical sockets


  • Is on the serious aspect
  • very little too industrial longing for some
  • are often more durable to start out in colder climates
  • doesn't accompany an adjunct kit
  • Is vulnerable to tip over slightly a lot of simply than another designs


Final finding on the Hitachi EC12 compressor

The Hitachi EC12 may be a nice very little unit for operating outside as long as long as you are not in super cold climates wherever it might frustrating attempting to urge it to start out up. This compressor can last an extended time and is sort of sturdy. you may notice it's simple to require around from website} to site and even hoist to the upper levels. This unit will handle all home uses similarly as roofing and framing desires. you may notice this is often a really sturdy compressor with innumerable power for all of your desires.

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